Honour vs. Honor and Favor vs. Favour

“The honor of your presence” and “the favor of your reply” are common phrases used in wedding invitations. Depending on what example you’re running across on Pinterest, you may see invitations with “honor” and “favor” spelled “honour” and “favour.” Which version is correct?

Actually, they both are – depending on where you live. Some people incorrectly assume the addition of the “u” makes the invitation fancier, when in actuality it’s just how people from non-U.S., English speaking countries (England, Australia and Canada, to name a few) spell “honor” and “favor.” If you’re American “honor” and “favor” are correct, however, it’s perfectly fine to use the British spelling if you prefer (it’s your wedding after all!), but be sure to be consistent and use the same form with both words. Also, remember, honor (or honour) is technically reserved for those weddings to be held in a church (if your plan is to follow wedding etiquette).

Do me a favour and share this post, would you? I’d be honoured!


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