DIY Wedding Invitations: 20 Ways to Cut Costs

Here are just some of the ways you can save big money when DIY’ing wedding invitations:

  1. Skip the calligrapher and hand write or use labels for addresses.
  2. Purchase professionally-designed digital files and print at home or through a professional printer.
  3. Ditch the response card envelope and use a postcard instead to save on postage and envelope costs.
  4. Skip the response card and have guests RSVP online via your wedding website. Provide website information on the invitation itself instead of an additional insert.
  5. Forget the map – with GPS readily available, maps are no longer needed.
  6. Put extra information like accommodations, transportation, and directions, on a wedding website and direct guests there.
  7. Comparison shop printer prices. Online is often cheaper but it’s sometimes better to use a brick and mortar store where you can look at paper choices and inspect a hard copy proof.
  8. When using for printing, be sure to hit up for coupon codes and links to make sure you’re getting VP’s best price.
  9. Shop, and other online retailers for inexpensive envelopes.
  10. List reception information on the invitation itself instead of printing an additional card.
  11. Skip tissue and inner envelopes – they’re outdated, not green, and rarely used anymore.
  12. Compare prices for printing two pieces (example: an invitation and a reception card) vs. having information printed on the back of the invitation.
  13. Print single-sided and forego a design on the back of the invitation.
  14. Print in black and white.
  15. When using a professional printer, use the paper they have in stock vs. buying and bringing in your own ream (then you are only paying for what you use).
  16. Forego envelope liners.
  17. Skip backs, enclosures and other pockets.
  18. When printing professionally, choose digital printing over letterpress, foil printing or offset printing.
  19. Have a friend proofread your invitation pieces to avoid the need to reprint.
  20. Avoid square invitations which require more postage.

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