The Postcard Response Card: What You Need to Know

The postcard response card is gaining in popularity. One less envelope can mean cost savings for the couple, while also saving some trees. There are, however, a couple of things to consider:

Avoid Mailing Mishaps

The U.S. Postal Service will not mail anything smaller than 3.5×5. Doing a postcard response at the minimum size can be advantageous however, as four cards can be laid out per page when printing (more per page typically means cheaper. In other words, the smaller the card the better). Just be sure your cards cut accurately. Even cards slightly under the minimum can be rejected – believe me, a postal clerk WILL measure. I often lay out postcard response cards 3.625×5.125 (adding an 1/8th of an inch to the dimensions) just so any cutting mishaps do not render my postcards unusable or returned.

Make Sure Postcards Will Actually Save You Money

Postcards can save you money, IF you’re not being charged for double-sided printing. Some printers, particularly online vendors, will not charge for printing on the back of a card. However, if your printer does charge for double-sided printing, compare the cost of the envelope to the cost of double-sided printing. Weigh this with the cheaper postage of a postcard vs. an envelope (assuming you’re fronting the stamp on the response), and see how you come out.

Cost-cutting solution: leave the back blank and use labels or a stamp for your return address. Or, leave one side blank and like a traditional postcard, use the left side for your message and the right for address information:

In general, the more formal the invitation, the less inclined I am to recommend a postcard. However, if you’re looking to cut corners, postcard responses can be a viable option.


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